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Welcome to the Bullcy Kennel !

You are here because you share the same passion of French Bulldog with us.

We are Savvas and Danny, we live in Latsia – Cyprus island. We have two children Georgia and Stelios.

This passion started years  ago , when we saw this unique breed in a dog show. We loved frenchies from the first moment and we started  collecting information for this breed. French Bulldog is a special breed. These dogs have an incredible character and they are lifetime babies!! After a lot of research in some of the best French Bulldog Kennels of the world, we had the opportunity to have a male for a begining. We waited a lot and being very patient. We finally achieved to have our first French Bulldog.But only one frenchie is never enough !! It was a matter of time to start looking for females . More frenchies in the show rings, and a dream for a good breed in the future.

We proudly presend, Tochka Prityazheniya Ekler , Frustyle Delightful Girl , Ideal Girl For Bullcy Iz Palevyh Buldogov , Bullcy Amaryllis Golden Red and our new stars Rachel for Bullcy Iz Palevyh Buldogov and Bullcy Impressive Hot Scarlet !!!

Ekler came from Russia, and he has a combination of some of the best European and Russian blood lines. This youngster is developing very well  and he is very social. He  is very proud with high self – confidence and with an excellent pedigree. He feels very confident about him in show rings. Thank you Elena Velischanskaya (Tochka Prityazhenija kennel), for this boy and for this opportunity, for this fantastic start.

Delightful Girl came from Russia, too. She is a beautifull girl and very unique. Her parents and grandparents are some of the best blood lines in the world. She is social and loves to show herself, smart and sophisticated as well. Thanks a lot to Tatiana Antonova (Frustyle kennel), for this wonderfull girl.

Idealgirl came from Russia as well. She is a warm brindle colour lady, with a very interesting character. Her pedigree has a combination of some of the most famous Frenchies in the world. Lots of thanks to Elena Kozhevnikova (Iz Palevyh Buldogov), for this amazing lady.

Rachel For Bullcy Iz Palevyh Buldogov is a very social and playful Lady from a great kennel in Russia like Idealgirl with a very special blood lines !!! A Big thanks to our Dear Elena Kozhevnikova to trust us this wonderful girl !!!!!

Bullcy Amaryllis Golden Red is our  breed program and is a Beautiful  red fawn girl with a Great Show Career !!!

Bullcy Impressive Hot Scarlet  is our new breed Star and daughter  of our Amaryllis and developing very well !!! She is a very Clown girl and we love them very much !!!


 Many thanks to our very good friend , Veterinary surgeon Dr. Andreas G.Pitzolis , for the help , the interesting and the support for keeping our frenchies in the best condition !!!!


We really care about high quality breeds. We intend to have fine, healthy and social dogs, with high breed standards. This is very important to us. Our frenchies live in our house and in our hearts !!!!


For further information , please feel free to contact with us.

 Kind Regards,

Savvas - Danny




Savvas Christou


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